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Craig Mixon is an educational psychologist who spent way too much time in school on his way to receiving a doctorate in ed. psych from the University of San Francisco. His two great loves in life are dogs and music, and he applies his expertise in behavior modification to write about and develop new methodologies in both domains.

Before settling in to his current pursuits in Sonoma, California, he taught at the University of Indiana and worked in private practice and as a consultant teaching teachers and various professionals to use behavioral procedures in the classroom, as well as in medical and psychological settings.

In 1996, Dr. Mixon capped decades of informal research with a more focused effort as he began to write extensively about the application of applied behavior analysis to the task of systematically conditioning canine behavior, as he tapped into the established principles and procedures of behavioral psychology to tease-out and delineate the process of what you have to do to get your dog bark trained.

In 2003 he established as a showcase and point of dissemination for his writings on the science of conditioning the vocal behavior of dogs, and his thoughts on the need for the reformation of almost all of the world's dog-related laws. In a matter of months the website became the go-to place for bark training information, and ground zero of a world-wide movement to reform the animal control laws in general, and the anti-barking laws in particular.

As webmaster of, Craig found himself suddenly in the electronic nerve center of a global movement, receiving emailed reports, complaints and correspondence from all geographic points and all points of view. The continual input and the opportunity to exchange ideas led to the development of further expertise and the gradual evolution of a bold new plan for a far superior system of canine management. That, in turn, led to the founding of in 2005.

Also in 2005, at the insistence of, and with the assistance of his bi-lingual readers, he established, a Spanish language version of, which is now well on the way to complete translation.

Dr. Mixon is recognized as a leading authority on canine barking behavior and is also widely acknowledged as an expert on stress-related disorders and the impact of chronic barking in particular, as well as noise in general, on the health and happiness of those humans who are forcibly exposed to it. In that regard, he is the creator of The Symptoms and Side Effects of Force-Feeding Noise into the Domemstic Environment, which is the first chart ever devised to delineate the course of development for systemic noise trauma. In addition, he is a leading figure in the worldwide movement to reform the canine management component of the animal control system.

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