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The current animal control system - how and why it is failing

How the methodology of the current system serves to ensure its failure, and guarantees the abuse of the canine species
This page explains that, until those in charge change their approach, there is no hope that the current animal control system will ever actually be able to control anything.

How the animal control system was highjacked, and how that usurpation spawned systemic failure
This article spells out the failures of the current animal control system and explains how a power play by special interest groups resulted in the adoption of this disasterous approach to managing the canine species.

The five major dog-related problems perpetuated by the current system of animal control
This page provides a nutshell description of mankind's five most pressing canine-related difficulties.

It is a system that fails to screen out unfit dog owners
This page points out that many a disaster could be averted if the animal control system would make even a cursory effort to screen out unfit dog owners.

It is a system spawned by governmental negligence
This article points out that all of our dog-related problems were created by the refusal of those who oversee the system to acknowledge their own responsibilities, and by their failure to step up to the plate on the issue of responsible dog ownership.

It is a system that fails to appreciate the devastating repercussions of exposing people to chronic barking
This document explains that the system has been defeated by the barking epidemic because the authorities fail to comprehend the scope of the scourge. Further compounding the problem is their inability to perceive the severity of the harm done, and their failure to do something more than make a pretense of addressing the problem.

It is a reactive, back-loaded system
This page goes into greater detail about the structure of the established system, which is focused on reacting to problems rather than on proactive programs of prevention.

It is a system that places the victims squarely in harm's way
This article calls into question the safety of a system that forces those victimized by dog-related crime to attempt to personally bring the abuse to an end, without the benefit of official assistance.

The system has faltered because of its failure to hold irresponsible dog owners accountable
By passing laws that remove dog owners from timely accountability, government has condemned tens of millions of dogs to premature death, and many times that number to lives of unspeakable suffering. And in the process, they have provided disturbed people with a way to legally inflict injury on their human neighbors.

Why the animal control system remains as it Is
This page discusses the role of special interest groups in blocking meaningful animal control reform.

This page is the Index of the Failed System section of New Animal Control.Org