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More information related to the reform of the dog management system

The animal control system defined
This document provides an operational definition of the term animal control system.

Humanity's five major dog-related problems
This page contains an annotated list of mankind's major dog-related problems, all of which are solvable, and all of which exist on a wide scale only because they are spawned by the inefficacies of the current animal control system.

Why the Canine Species is Being Devastated and How Long it Will Continue
Incapsulated in a few paragraphs, you will find here a parsimonious explanation for why the canine species continues to fare so badly, as well as an equally succinct estimation of how much longer the crisis will continue.

The Focus on Animal Rescue as an Impediment to the Fight For Meaningful Reform
The structure of the animal control system itself is the real cause of the ongoing slaughter and the endless misery of the canine species. Indeed, our dog management system is the wellspring of our ongoing canine apocalypse. This page points out that until we first reform and rethink our approach to animal control, the canine rescue movement can amount no more than tidying-up the carnage in an effort to save some small percentage of those dogs set-up for devastation by the system. It goes on to say that by creating the false impression that rescue work represents a way forward against canine abuse, the rescue movement may actually be an impediment in the struggle to mobilize the public for the fight against the system that is the true force driving the butchery.

The Animal Welfare Society as an Institutional Impostor
This page argues that virtually all of the various animal welfare societies, but especially the ASPCA and the Humane Society of the United States, have assumed the role of institutional impostors who studiously avoid the one activity that could actually stem the slaughter and suffering of the canine species, and choose instead to cash in on the never-ending rescue work that ensures their institutional prosperity.

Puppy mills
Dogs are often bred in enormous numbers in hellish breeding factories called puppy mills, where inhumanity and deprivation are the rule. The current system has been powerless to impact, let alone abolish the reproductive factories. However, the new system offers an easy plan that can quickly close the door on those dens of barbarous cruelty.

Dog waste, and what to do about it
Though many find it hard to believe, dog waste is a potent disease-carrying pathogen that is choking our landfills and finding its way into the water supply at an alarming rate. This page connects to articles that describe how you can flush your dog's waste into the sewer system, and how animal droppings can be transformed into energy to power our homes and fuel our cars.

The dog breeds with the greatest propensity to be obedience trained
In the new system, the greater the control you have over your dog, the greater the freedom of movement you will be allowed with the animal. Therefore, if you are planning on becoming licensed to walk your dog-to-be off lead, you will want to select one of the breeds that can be the most easily trained.

The relationship between dog attacks and the tolerance of belligerent barking
To a significant degree, the biting epidemic exists because the barking epidemic is allowed to continue. This section explains how the government's decision to allow belligerent barking contributes to the epidemic of dog attacks.

On the question of who will pay
This page points out that when government fails to hold dog owners accountable, the community is sure to suffer.

This page is the index of the More Information section of New Animal Control.Org