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How the New Animal Control System Will Work, and What Makes it Better

It is a system of prevention, based on screening and dog owner education
Unlike the established system, which has no screening component, preventing problems before they have a chance to occur is the cornerstone of the new animal control system. To that end, before being issued a license, prospective owners will be required to take a brief class in which they will learn what every responsible dog owner needs to know, before being asked to acknowledge their obligations in writing. Those few simple measures alone could eliminate most of our dog related problems with a corresponding reduction in our animal control costs.

It is a system of exclusionary licensing
This section explains how, by screening out unfit dog owners before they do their damage, we can reverse the trend of ever-more restrictive anti-dog laws and, instead, enter an era in which new privileges are extended to those owners who can prove that they are capable of controlling their dogs.

It is a system offering four levels of licensing
Unlike the old system, which draws no distinction between dog owners, the new system will gauge the competence of those who want to take their dogs out onto the public streets. Those who can prove that they have perfect voice control over their dogs can become licensed to walk them off lead, while others may be forbidden to take their dogs out among the public at all. It all depends on the animal's behavior and the owner's demonstrated ability to control him.

It is a system with a viable plan for closing down the puppy mills
Dogs are often bred in enormous numbers in hellish breeding factories called puppy mills, where inhumanity and deprivation are the rule. The current system has been powerless to impact, let alone abolish the reproductive factories. However, the new system offers an easy plan that can quickly close the door on those dens of barbarous cruelty.

It is a system geared to the elimination of chronic barking
Problem barking can be easily prevented and quickly corrected. This link describes an approach the authorities can use to motivate the irresponsible and arrest the barking epidemic.

It is a system with a remedy for the ubiquitous contamination of land and water by dog feces
Because the fouling of the earth by dog waste is so widespread, many people assume that there is no solution to the problem short of banning canines. The new system, however, has an answer.

It is a system where the focus is on control
While the old animal control system is obsessed with whether or not your dog is on the lead, the new system will, instead, focus on whether your dog is under control.

It is a system that will bring an end to breed-specific prohibitions
In the new system, before being licensed to go among the public, dogs will be evaluated to ensure that they are street-friendly. Therefore, the new system will eliminate the need for any breed-specific prohibitions, since every dog will be individually screened for belligerence before ever being allowed in a public place.

The shalt nots of the new system
The seven behaviors forbidden by the new approach.

The Citizen's Bill of Canine-Related Rights
A delineation of the rights of people in a canine-infused society.

Seven dog-related services local government should be providing
The seven governmental services that are key to the resolution of our five major dog-related problems.

Funding, and the role of the humane societies in the new system
We can bring in our new, highly efficient, extremely effective system for a lot less money than we are spending now. This section describes how, and tells you how the humane societies fit into the new system.

This page is the Index of the New System section of New Animal Control.Org