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The Euthanasia and the Suffering of An Enormous Number of Dogs

For many of us, when we look around we see pampered pooches living in luxury, who have a higher quality of life than many people. If you run in circles with folks who all treat their dogs well and that's all that you see, it's easy to start thinking that all the dogs in the world are doing all right. But the truth is that averaged out across the species, our four-legged friends really are not doing all that well.

Just in terms of the rate of euthanasia, in the United States alone, averaged out, three-hundred-and-forty-two dogs are put to death every hour. What's more, they have been killing them at that rate every day around-the-clock for decades. That comes to more than three-million dogs slaughtered very year in just the U.S. - with no end in sight and no plan to end it - other than the one offered by the Dog Science Network.

Of course, that's just the number of dogs being formally put to death by the authorities. One shudders to think how many more are unceremoniously dispatched in less formal circumstances for whatever reason, and how many die young due to preventable illness and abuse. But then, beyond the slaughter, dogs in enormous numbers end up crated, muzzled, tethered, or shut away in isolation. They are chained out in the sun and locked out in the snow, starved, ignored, subjected to prolonged periods of sensory deprivation, and/or too often left covered by enough flees and ticks to literally suck the life's blood right out of them. If happens every day. You really don't want to know how often it happens.

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