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How the methodology of the current system serves to ensure its failure, and guarantees the abuse of the canine species

The current animal control system has failed because it employs a reactive methodology in which no attempt is made to avoid problems before they occur. There is no screening component, which could weed out unfit owners before they acquire dogs. There is no training component that requires people to learn what they need to know about canines before they get one. There is no education component in which dog owners-to-be are taught the acceptable parameters of canine socialization, nor is there any requirement that the would-be dog owner learn the relevant laws or make a commitment to obey them. Nor is the dog license applicant required to make a commitment to socialize and properly care for his dog before he is licensed to keep one.

To the best of our knowledge, nowhere on earth is there a government-run animal control program that makes a credible attempt to head-off problems before they occur.

The effectiveness of the established approach to animal control is further eroded by the dog laws, which make it, at best, extremely difficult for anyone to hold dog owners responsible for the harm caused by their failure to properly care for and control their pets.

But above all, the current animal control system is incapable of getting it right because those who put it in place never intended for it to be more than marginally effective.

This page is part of the Failed System section of New Animal Control.Org