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Links to Other Sites

The Bark Action Group
Bark Action is an Australian-based organization dedicated to developing strategies for dealing with the world-wide barking epidemic.
It is with great pride that we recommend our sister site,, which is the most comprehensive source on earth for information about chronic barking, its effects on those exposed to it, and the art and science of getting it stopped.

Dogs Life Magazine
Dogs Life is the number one dog magazine in Australia and New Zealand. The online edition, linked to here, covers a wide range of topics that are paramount to being a responsible pet owner, such as canine nutrition, training tips, games and activities.

K9 Trainers
K9 Trainers is a reference site that can provide you with a referral to dog trainers who specialize in either obedience, protection, agility, or resucue work. The site lists trainers from sixteen nations, and includes a state-by-state breakdown of the U.S.
Meetup.comprovides a forum that will allow you to meet, communicate with, and get together with other people in your area who are also concerned about animal control issues.

Neighbors From Hell
This is a splendid site containing barking dog horror stories along with true tales of other hellish sorts of next door types. The New Animal Control webmaster is convinced that, at one time or another, he personally has lived adjacent to almost everyone described on this site that is at once horrifying and tremendously entertaining.
Featuring a translation by Anna Mendez Mobbs, Perros Ladran is the Spanish language version of our sister site,, which provides comprehensive information about chronic barking.

This page is part of the Kitchen Sink Section of New Animal Control.Org