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Puppy Mills

There are places where dogs are bred in enormous numbers in deplorable conditions. In those facilities, called puppy mills, canines often live out their lives in cages that are barely large enough to turn around in. They are warehoused there, overcrowded, under-attended and often inbred, with an inadequate diet, amid filth, disease, and deprivation.

The moneymen of the puppy mill industry are concerned about profits and not much else. Therefore, accordingly, they set up their reproductive facilities to run like factories. To them, breeding dogs are fertile machines to be exploited mercilessly for years on end, and then put to death when their deteriorating health fails to the point that they can no longer turn a dollar.

Dogs born in puppy mills are deprived of human interaction during the critical stage of puppyhood, which is a time when meaningful human contact is essential to the dog's emotional development. Canines deprived of human contact during that stage of growth will forever lack the capacity to bond with humans. As a result, you may get your puppy mill dog home only to discover that he never warms to you and, in fact, never develops any real interest in being with you.

Deprived early in life of the opportunity to learn, and without the stimulation necessary to innervate them, the spawn of puppy mills tend to be dull, listless animals, devoid of joy and with little capacity to ever bond or interact with human beings in any meaningful way.

In addition, puppy mill dogs often suffer from hidden health problems that result from poor veterinary care, inbreeding, and overcrowding early in their lives. As they age, their hidden health problems surface, and illness and medical expenses add to the owner's heartbreak over a pathetic little dog who simply does not possess the capacity to thrive, regardless of what anyone might try to do for him.

The Humane Society of the United States has established an excellent website called Get the Facts on Puppy Mills. It will tell you everything you need to know in order to avoid someday falling prey to such unscrupulous breeders.

As you read the Humane Society link and learn more about puppy mills, note that the existence of those places and the horror of what happens there is widely known to all who care to take an interest. It is not like the authorities don't know about it. Indeed, the puppy mills are flourishing because the current animal control system has policies in place that allow that kind of abomination to continue.

There could be no greater proof that the current system is more concerned with industry profits than with the well-being of the canine species. And it further goes to show how little the system cares for the heartbroken human consumer, who in the end is also victimized.

However, the new animal control system will bring a sure and certain end to the puppy mills, because the new system will include a mandatory pre-licensing class for prospective dog owners, where they will learn how to ensure that their dogs-to-be were bred and raised in wholesome, healthy conditions.

Surely, if every prospective dog owner was explicitly warned of the pitfalls of buying mill-spawned dogs, the puppy factories could not long continue to operate.

This page is part of the More Information and
New System sections of New Animal Control.Org