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Why the Canine Species is Being Devastated and How Long it Will Continue

The canine species is being devastated because the methodology employed by the current animal control system absolutely guarantees that dogs will be neglected, abused, and abandoned in huge numbers. It is not mere happenstance and it is not a coincidence that this enormous number of dogs is being so cruelly mistreated while the present system is in place. Indeed, our canine misery quotient is a direct reflection of the way the system goes about its business. Therefore, until the system is reformed there is no possibility that these tragic events can ever unfold in any other fashion.

That is why it is happening, then. The species is being ravaged because the animal control system itself sets them up to be laid low by the uncaring and the unqualified. Now, as to the question of how much longer it will continue.

The abuse of the canine species on a massive scale will continue on at its current rate for as long as abusive people continue to be allowed to acquire dogs without any questions being asked, because abusive people are overwhelmingly predisposed to engage in abusive behavior. Similarly, as long as we continue to allow people who lack the knowledge, the skills, the commitment, and the resources necessary to properly maintain their dogs to acquire them nonetheless, the slaughter will roll on unabated, because deficits of that magnitude will always tell in the end. And as long as we continue to let irresponsible people get dogs, both the dogs and their human neighbors will suffer, because irresponsible behavior is in the nature of irresponsible people, and when left unregulated, people will always manifest their true nature.

That's how much longer it will continue. It will continue until we put a stop to it through effective regulation.

This page is part of the More Information section of New Animal Control.Org